Steel-Pro Saw Blade

Steel-Pro Saw Blade

Cut ferrous metals (mild steel) faster, cleaner, and easier. Save time, money, the environment, and your respiratory health.
Abrasive discs throw sparks and lots of dust, including unhealthy fiberglass. You shouldn't be breathing it in! Steel-Pro® blades reduce spark production and eliminate abrasive wheel dust.
Abrasive discs wear quickly, requiring frequent blade changes. Steel-Pro® blades allow you to keep working, eliminating downtime for frequent blade changes. In addition, one Steel-Pro® blade will typically outlast between 15 to 30 abrasive blades.
Abrasive discs leave a sharp burr at the cutting edge that must be removed later. "Time is money." Steel-Pro® saves BOTH!


  • Rugged plates and specially formulated carbide tips with a special tooth grind for fast, clean cuts.
  • High-quality cuts without the clouds of dust and scorch marks associated with friction blades.
  • Cool cuts that leave the workpiece edge free of burrs.
  • Reduced cost-per-cut and maximized performance for the operator as a result of fewer blade changes.

We provide blade sharpening and carbide tooth replacement.

7-1/4" 38 5/8"KO ATB .079" 0 Our Steel-Pro for cutting ferrous metal up to 1/4" thick.
7-1/4" 48 5/8"KO ATB .079" 0 Our most popular Steel-Pro. Cuts thick (up to 1/8") and thin.
7-1/4" 56 5/8"KO ATAF .071" -10 Additional carbide tip for smoother cutting of thin materials.
7-1/4" 70 5/8"KO ATB .069" -10 For very thin steel. (Steel sheet, corrugated steel sheet etc.)
8" 48 5/8" ATB .087" 0 For ferrous metal cutting. General application.
8-1/4" 48 5/8"KO MTCG .087" 0 The 8-1/4" Steel-Pro for ferrous metal cutting with circular saws.
9" 48 1" ATB .087" 0 For up to 1/8" thick steel on the Evolution Saw.
10" 50 1"/ 5/8" TCG .098" 0 For 10" circular saws and low RPM saws for ferrous metal.
12" 60 1" TCG .098" 0 For cutting mild steel on low RPM dry cut saws.
14" 72 1" TCG .094" 0 For use on dry-cut low RPM saws for cutting mild steel.
16" 80 1" TCG .102" 0 For use on low RPM saws for cutting mild steel.